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welcome to the site

A comprehensive data source for those working in radio broadcasting as a tool for development in Nepal. This site is a voluntary effort to bring all the possible and relevant information on broadcast technology into one great portal. This site incorporates radio data resource, survey reports, discussion forums, users queries, downloads, support and other services related to the radio broadcasting in Nepal.

nepalradio.org is a venture of Digital Broadcast Initiative Equal Access Nepal and Equal Access International.

If you've reached here looking for Radio Nepal's website, please go to www.radionepal.org

Radio Broadcasting in Nepal
Equal Access Nepal

Digital Broadcast Initiative, Equal Access Nepal (Equal Access) was established as an NGO in Nepal in February 2004. Initially, Equal Access, an International NGO based in San Francisco (currently also registered with the Social Welfare Council as an INGO in Nepal), started operations in Nepal as the executing agency for the UNDP Asia Pacific Regional pilot project, Digital Broadcast Initiative...

Accessibility & Preference

It can be easily assumed that a greater part of Nepalese population owns a radio set...

Radio Stations

As on April, 2011 - 380 FM radio broadcasting license have been issued to various private companies, coperatives, NGOs and government bodies in Nepal...


Load shedding could potentially come to a stop in the period between 2012 and 2015. After 2015, Nepal could againcontinue to suffer load shedding until the proposed Panchaswor plant with an estimated capacity of 7,500 MW orthe Koshi plant with an estimated capacity of 3,000 MW are commissioned...

Broadcast Survey Reports
Geographic Radio Signal Coverage Survey

During 2006-2007, Equal Access Nepal conducted a national survey of +50 FM transmitters to determine the geographic coverage of these radio stations which was plotted as a scientific coverage map of the radio signals transmitted by that radio station..

Broadcast Audience Survey (BAS) Reports

Audience Survey was another major component of the Broadcast Audience Survey conducted by Equal Access Nepal in two phases (Jun-Jul 2006 & Feb-Mar 2007)...